Friday, December 31, 2004

Illustration Friday: MAGIC

magic, originally uploaded by tinesparkles.

This week has been not only very hectic and loaded with work but also very magical for me. A lot of wishes and dreams have come true: we got our move-in date for moving into our new house, we will be getting a Golden Retriever puppy soon and one of my paintings of an elephant I have been working on lately inspired a whole story for a children's book!! That was pure magic!

What a way to end this year and things look extremely promising for 2005! I can't believe it is over, time has been flying by! No regrets, this has been a good year for me.
I have made no New Year's resolutions at all as I must confess. I don't believe in them, never really have and don't see the point. But I will continue to listen to and to follow my heart.

I wish you all a magical New Year's Eve, see you in the new year!


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